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Disposing Of Waste Inside A Commercial Skip

Hiring a skip is seemingly the easiest way to get rid of any unwanted materials, however, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to skip hire in Bolton.

Here at Skips Preston, we make sure that all commercial waste is collected and disposed of correctly, preventing any hazardous consequences from arising. Our skips are available in a wide range of sizes, so you needn’t worry about finding a suitable skip for your skip hire in Bolton!

When it comes to disposing of commercial waste, you can count on Skips Preston to deal with waste effectively. As licensed waste carriers, we handle any volume of waste effectively, ensuring that your site is cleared quickly and safely.

Leaving materials onsite can have dangerous consequences for your employees and any visitors to your premises, hence why we recommend skip hire Wigan. Our skips provide a safe storage solution for any waste that your business generates.


Choose the right skip.

When it comes to choosing a suitable skip for your commercial project, look no further than Skips Preston! The skips that we supply are guaranteed to suit the demands of any project, no matter how big or small!

We supply skips to accommodate all volumes of waste, allowing you to dispose of any unwanted junk or building materials, so be sure to choose the most suitable skip for your unique project. If you need any assistance choosing a skip size, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Skips Preston, we will be more than willing to help you!

Filling your skip.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for skip hire in Wigan or Preston, you need to pay careful attention to what goes in your skip. Some materials require careful disposal; therefore, these should be kept separate from the rest of the contents held inside your skip.

To maximise the space you have available within your skip, consider arranging your waste in an organised fashion, at least this way, you’ll be able to fit more inside!

An ideal way to fill your skip is to start with larger, lighter items at the bottom and any smaller, heavy materials at the top. The heavier items will compress the lighter materials- allowing you to store more waste in your skip.

Weight restrictions.

Think about how heavy your skip will be when you’ve completed your project. Any of the skips that we provide for commercial skip hire in Preston need to be easy to lift on to the back of our fleets. No matter which of the skips you choose for your skip hire Preston, make sure that it’s not too heavy for our reliable loading vehicles to transport to the recycling centre!

If your skip is too heavy or overloaded, our fleet drivers can refuse to take your skip, meaning you’ll either have to order a second one to split the weight or you’ll be charged for the excess material that cannot fit safely.

Unwanted materials.

Whether it be wooden, plastic or metal furniture; our commercial skips are perfect for storing the materials that you no longer want or need. The commercial skips are extremely spacious and can store all shapes and sizes.

Here at Skips Preston, we provide skips to store any building waste; like bricks, rubble and soil, with confidence, ensuring that they will be disposed of sustainably.

If you need to dispose of commercial waste or packaging, our commercial skips are exactly what you need!


Hazardous Waste.

Any of the skips that we provide for skip hire Leyland are designed to store waste reliably, but not everything can be thrown inside our commercial skips, take hazardous waste for instance!

Hazardous waste covers a spectrum of materials, some of which may take you by surprise. When disposing of your commercial waste, we suggest that you don’t mix your hazardous waste with any of the other items found inside your skip because this could compromise the quality of recyclable materials.

If you’re not entirely sure whether your waste is classified as hazardous- there’s no harm in asking our team of experts for any advice or support- simply call us on 01772827603 today!


If you’re business deals with plasterboard and other gypsum materials; don’t be tempted to throw these inside a commercial skip! Gypsum materials need to be carefully recycled and disposed of separately to other materials- unfortunately, skip hire in Leyland is not the solution!


Skip hire in Chorley is provided to suit the requirements of various industries, however, if you need to dispose of tyres, we don’t suggest leaving these in your skip overnight. Tyres also require careful disposal to prevent the risk of skip fires.

Electrical appliances.

Fridges and freezers should not be found in any of the commercial skips that we supply for skip hire Chorley. If you need to dispose of any electricals, you need to take these to your local recycling centre where there is a designated area for them to be disposed of.

The same goes for any dishwashers, TV’s and monitors- they need to be kept separate from your general waste.


Mixing asbestos with other items inside your skip is a big no-no! Asbestos is a hazardous substance that can cause serious harm- it’s no surprise that specialist removal is required.

Keeping such materials out of the skips we provide for skip hire in Preston will prevent any hazards from arising.

At Skips Preston, we aim to deliver skips to a location of your choice, at a time that’s suitable for you and your business. As well as this, we make sure that our skips are priced competitively, offering you the best value for your money.

Our services are guaranteed to provide you with the peace of mind that your waste is disposed of appropriately, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your commercial project.

The team of experts, here at Skips Preston, are always on hand to offer their expertise, so if there’s anything that you’re not too sure about when it comes to commercial skip hire, feel free to get in touch with us!

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