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DIY Garden Clearance – Why Skip Hire is Best Solution?

Having a clear up in the garden can generate more waste than you could possibly envisage, but that’s where Skips Preston come in!

When it comes to skip hire in Preston, you need to make sure that you find a suitable sized skip that can accommodate any garden waste that your project generates. Skips Preston have generated a wealth of expertise for what works best and they have an extensive range of solutions for you to choose from, leaving you somewhat spoilt for choice.

Personalising the garden space has never been easier, courtesy of Preston skips. If you’re looking to make your garden more up to date, updating the old, with the new, can you afford not to find out more today?

Reliable waste removal.

You can bet sprucing up your overgrown garden space will produce immense volumes of waste, but this needn’t be a cause for concern- all you need is skip hire in Preston!

Removing waste can be quick and easy, requiring little to no downtime. Skips Preston are always on hand to remove any of your waste and dispose of it in the correct way, however, should you need to know any more about the services they provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Whilst you’re updating your garden, a reputable skip hire company, like Skips Preston, will arrange to deliver your skip at a time that suits you best. Once your skip is full, you can expect the team of experts to arrange to collect your skip from your premises, again making sure that it’s convenient for you!

Additionally, the Preston Skips are available in abundance, you’ll find both domestic and commercial skips, making it almost impossible for you not to find something that caters for your needs and wants specifically.


Preston skip hire is perfect for any home renovation. They provide a skip for all projects, so if you’re looking for a mini skip (2-cubic yard skip) that can hold your garden waste securely, you needn’t look any further.

However, if you predict your project to create enormous amounts of waste, you’ll want to make sure that you find a practical solution, one that can accommodate your needs specifically. The size of the skip that you require for your garden project is dependent on the size of the project you’re undertaking too- hence why it’s so important to think before you order your Preston skips.

The 8-cubic yard skips are designed to suit garden waste, they incorporate a drop door which makes it easier to dispose of sediments and soils that are susceptible to making a mess.


Investing in Preston skip hire doesn’t break the bank, so you needn’t worry about updating your garden, hassle-free. Any skip is guaranteed to provide you with a cost-efficient alternative to taking any waste to be disposed of at the landfill site.

If you dispose of your waste correctly, you can rest assured that you won’t be faced with any nasty penalties. With skip hire Preston, there are several limitations for what can be disposed of within your skip; however, you’ll be pleased to know that the Preston skips are perfect for organic waste, soil, wood, metal, plastic, rubble and other domestic materials!

The team at Skips Preston consider no project too big or too small! As well as this, they guarantee to recycle up to 80% of all materials stored within your skip.

For more information about Preston skip hire, click here!

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