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What are the most common mistakes in hiring a skip?

Did you know that skip hire is one of the most affordable methods for waste removal?

With so many skip hire companies offering low prices, you may find yourself spoilt for choice, but this is where we come in. Here at Skips Preston, we specialise in skip hire Preston and various other locations in the North West of England – providing a suitable solution for all customers.

The process of skip hire Preston is simple. All that you need to do is fill the container with waste and leave the rest to the team of skip hire experts.

Although skip hire Preston is seemingly straightforward, it can be difficult – especially if it’s your first time hiring a skip. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when hiring a skip is that they rush into it without a second thought. Here is a guide to prevent you from doing the same thing!

Mistake 5 – Not taking the time to research

If you’re to find the best deal for skip hire Chorley, you need to be willing to do your research. Don’t just take a skip hire company’s word for how fantastic their services are – find out for yourself by asking friends and family for feedback.

Most people are rushing to complete their project and opt for the first deal they find for skip hire Chorley but this doesn’t allow them to compare quotes.

Mistake 4 – Ordering the wrong sized skip

Hiring the wrong skip won’t do you any favours – but it will prolong the duration of your project and could lead to you spending more money.

At Skips Preston, we provide a wide range of domestic skips for skip hire Chorley and the smallest of these tend to be the most affordable. Choosing the cheapest skip may seem like a good idea at the time but if your project generates too much waste to fit in the skip – you’ll need to hire a second one.

To avoid making this mistake, discuss your project requirements, and the type of waste expected to be generated, in detail with our team of experts today and we will make sure that you find the most suitable skip for your project.

Mistake 3 – Overfilling the skip

The skips that we provide are available in an assortment of sizes and suit various projects. One of the most common mistakes associated with skip hire Leyland is taking no notice of the maximum fill level which is indicated on the skip.

If our skips are overloaded, we can refuse to collect them because it isn’t safe for them to be transported on the back of our fleets. In addition to this, there are stringent skip hire regulations in place and anyone who doesn’t follow these guidelines can expect to be handed an expensive fine.

Mistake 2 – Disposing of restricted items inside skips

There are several do’s and don’ts to skip hire Bolton and many people make the mistake of throwing items all waste items in skips. Skips are suitable for storing different kinds of waste and make it more convenient for you to get rid of items that you no longer need – but they aren’t suitable for all materials.

If you’re to make the most of your skip hire Bolton, always double check to make sure that the waste generated can be accepted in the skips that we provide – we can advise you of the best course of action to take.

Mistake 1 – Not recycling materials

When people invest in skip hire Wigan – they almost always forget to recycle rubbish. Recycling will save valuable space inside the skip and allow you to fit more materials in without exceeding the fill level.

Before hiring a skip, it’s recommended that you sort through the waste that your project generates and keep recyclable items separate. Choosing to recycle items will also prevent you from filling the skip before you finish your project ultimately keeping your skip hire Wigan costs to a minimum.

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