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What skip sizes are available?

What skip sizes are available?

Whether you’re planning to haul junk from your home or to renovate your office, skip hire is guaranteed to save you tireless trips back and forth to the local tip. But choosing the right skip for the job can be easier said than done.

It’s vital that you get skip size right first time, otherwise, you could end up paying for extra capacity that you don’t need, or having to arrange for a second skip to be delivered to accommodate the excess materials. As experts in skip hire Preston, we can help you to select the perfect skip size, and to make skip hire in Preston easier for you, we’ve put together a handy guide, outlining the different sizes our skips are available in.

  • 2-cubic yard mini skips

Great for DIY projects that generate too much waste to squeeze in the wheelie bin, mini skips are the smallest available for skip hire in Preston. Although they aren’t as big as midi, maxi or open skips, they are surprisingly spacious and can fit all kinds of renovation waste, including unwanted furniture, construction materials and broken toys.

To visualise how much waste our 2-cubic yard skips can fit, picture 20-30 bin bags, 4 wheelie bins and 1 sofa.

  • 4-cubic yard midi skips

If you’re installing a brand new kitchen or bathroom, you’re going to need somewhere to store and dispose of the old one – making Preston skip hire ideal. For projects like these, we recommend the next size up: 4-cubic yard midi skips.

These are twice the size of mini skips, allowing you to get rid of more waste without exceeding weight restrictions. So, if you need to dispose of 30-40 bin bags, 8 wheelie bins and 2 sofas, opt for the 4-cubic yard midi skip.

  • 8-cubic yard maxi skips

If you need something even bigger than the midi skip, our 8-cubic yard maxi skips are an excellent choice and often lend themselves to home, office and garden clearance projects.

The 8-cubic yard maxi skips are designed to fit 60-80 bin bags, 16 wheelie bins and 4 sofas safely. Unlike other standard domestic skips, these come with drop doors which make it more convenient for you to load with waste – meaning you needn’t worry about having to lift heavy, cumbersome items over the side of the skip.

  • 12-cubic yard open skips

Projects which are bound to produce furniture, plastic and packaging, like shop fittings and complete renovations, often benefit from a bigger skip. We suggest hiring the 12-cubic yard open skip if you’re planning a large-scale project in Preston.

Open skips are the largest domestic skips we supply and, to put into perspective just how big the 12-cubic yard skip is, you can fit 100-120 bin bags, 24 wheelie bins and 6 sofas!

  • 16-cubic yard open skips

Although these are our largest domestic skips, the 16-cubic yard open skips are typically used by commercial and industrial clients who need to dispose of light materials only, including rubble, soil, wood and plastic.

These provide much more capacity than any other domestic skip and enable you to store 140-160 bin bags of waste, 48 wheelie bins and 8 sofas – providing you with plenty of space to dispose of waste materials and junk.

Has this helped you to make your mind up which skip you need? If so, book your skip today. You can either book online or call 01772 827 603.

Still unsure which to hire? Don’t worry, the team at Skips Preston is always on hand to help and will gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable skip size – ensuring you get the most out of skip hire in Preston. If you’d like to know more about our skips, or to discuss your requirements in further detail, drop us an email at info@skipspreston.com.

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