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What to Consider When Hiring a Skip in Preston

What to Consider When Hiring a Skip in Preston

Skip hire in Preston couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a matter of calling Skips Preston on 01772827603 or filling in our online hire form, making payment by card online or over the phone, then telling us when you want the skip removed.

Of course, there are a few small details that you’ll need to think about before arranging hire for the first time. In this article, we’ll explain these matters and how to approach them.

1. The Size of Skip Required

Try to work out how much waste your project will produce. If it’s a home refurbishment or landscaping project, you’ll probably need a smaller container – a skip between 2 and 8 yards should work perfectly for you.

If it’s a larger commercial or industrial project, you could need a skip of up to 40 yards. If you’re not sure of exactly what you’ll need, simply contact the Skips Preston team today and we’ll give you a hand.

2. Where Your Skip Will be Placed

You need to decide on the most suitable spot before you arrange skip hire in Bolton or any other Lancashire neighbourhood. Try to find somewhere that is flat and easy to access, where a heavy container won’t damage the ground below or cause an obstruction.

If you don’t have anywhere suitable on your private land, there’s always the option to request skip placement on the road. This will require a permit from the council, but we can handle all the paperwork for you.

3. How Long You’ll Need Your Skip

It isn’t vital that you give us an exact collection date upon arranging skip hire in Wigan or the surrounding areas, but you’ll need to note that our charges cover up to a three week hire period.

If you’re concerned that you might need your skip for longer than that, simply contact us to discuss the matter.

If you finish with your skip sooner than expected, just call or email us and we’ll come by as soon as possible to pick it up.

4. Budget

Skip hire in Leyland and nearby is extremely affordable. Our 2 yard models are available for a payment of £110, our 4 yarders will cost you £165 and our 8 yard skips are £225.

If you require anything larger, simply get in touch and we’ll give you a no obligation quote.

You’ll need to make your payment in advance over the phone or online.

5. The Nature of Your Waste

When arranging skip hire in Chorley or any nearby location, you should feel confident to put almost anything in the container for disposal. However, there are a very few items that we cannot safely remove.

These include special or clinical waste, noxious chemicals, explosives, dangerous or offensive matter, batteries, tyres, paint, oil, asbestos, syringes, oil filters, fridges, freezers, TV’s, computers, screens, gas bottles, plasterboards if they amount to more than 10% of the load, electrical equipment, solvents, liquids or wet concrete.

We may still be able to help you remove these things if you get in touch with us and tell us about them separately, but you will not be able to dispose of them in your skip.

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