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What You Need To Know When It Comes To Hiring A Skip – Road Restrictions

Hiring a skip needn’t be difficult. Here at Preston Skip Hire, we provide skip hire Leyland and skip hire in Chorley to suit your specific requirements, we don’t just specialise in skip delivery Preston!

The Preston skips that we provide are perfect if you need to dispose of material that your construction project has generated, we can also help if you’re undergoing any home improvements too. When hiring a skip for skip hire Leyland or skip hire in Bolton, you can rest assured that we have the know-how for what works best and how you can get the most out of your skip, so why not consider the following?

Private property.

If your property is your own and you don’t rent it from the local council, we are more than happy for you to store your domestic skip here. Placing a skip on your private property provides fewer challenges for skip hire Bolton, you won’t require a permit if you plan to leave your skip on your driveway- making it easier for you to get started on your project!

Watch what you throw in your skip. Seemingly, hiring a skip is convenient, it can be almost too easy to throw all of the waste that your project generates, inside the skip, however, you need to know that some materials are not compatible for skip hire Leyland.

Keep these out!
You don’t want to be faced with a nasty fine for disposing of waste illegally! Make sure you know exactly what is inside your skip, you’re responsible for the contents of your skip whilst it’s in your possession so you need to be sure that there are no hazardous materials.

To get the most out of skip hire Bolton, you need to keep any asbestos waste, oils, refrigerants, solvents and chemicals out of your skip because these can contaminate any recyclable materials you may have within your skip.

Beware of fly-tippers.

Regardless of where you plan to store your skip, you are still held responsible for the contents within it. Whether your skip is stored on your driveway or on the road, you should be mindful of fly-tippers, these won’t think twice about disposing of any hazardous or dangerous materials within your skip, after all, it’s not their responsibility- it’s yours!

Make your skip visible.

When it comes to placing Preston skips on the road, you need to make sure you have obtained a permit from your local authority, otherwise, you’re disposing of waste illegally. For you to meet all stringent rules and regulations regarding skip hire in Chorley, you need to keep your skip visible at all times, preventing any hazards from arising.

You can enhance the visibility of your skip by placing safety cones around your skip. As well as this, you’ll need to incorporate suitable safety lighting for your skip, allowing it to be clearly seen during periods of darkness.

Don’t block access.

Your skip needs to be located somewhere suitable for you, however, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account, including any entrances and exits, manholes or other utility access. These need to be left clear in case an emergency occurs.

As well as this, you need to make sure that your Preston skips are located further than 15m away from the junction, to prevent causing accidents.

Speak to your local authority.

You want to be sure that your skip hire Preston is effective, so what better way to find out more than speaking with the team of experts, here at Skips Preston or your local authority?

With our help, you can dispose of your waste correctly, ensuring that all legislations are met. If you plan to leave your skip on the road overnight, you need to obtain a permit from your local authority, so don’t hesitate to find out more about what’s included in the cost of skip hire in Preston!

For more information, call Skips Preston on 01772 827603 today!

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