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Where can skips be placed?

Where can skips be placed?

Whether you’re in the middle of a property move or decluttering your home in Wigan,  you’re sure to benefit from our skip hire services. Here at Skips Preston, we deliver our skips from our waste transfer station in Higher Walton to your door in Wigan – on the back of our reliable fleets that are fitted with the latest technology.

Skip hire in Wigan can save you the hassle of making tireless trips to the local tip – allowing you to complete your project sooner. But before you hire a skip, you need to think about which size you need, when you’ll need it and where it will go.

Where can our skips be placed?

There are many places our skips can be delivered – be it your home or your business, private or public land. Where you leave it depends on the size, amount of space you have on your private land and accessibility.

  • On your driveway

When decluttering, it’s much easier to have a domestic skip on your private property, so when you open your door you can easily dispose of waste without having to carry it a long distance.

Once the skip has been delivered to your address, it’s your responsibility until we come and collect it. And leaving arranging for it to be delivered and placed on your drive will prevent fly-tippers from illegally dumping their waste in the skip.

  • On the road

You might not have the option to leave your skip on private land, and for us, this is no problem. We can leave skips on the road in front of your property but a permit will be required to legalise skip hire Wigan.

To make it easier for you, we can obtain the permit from the local council on your behalf – saving you the hassle but also helping you to avoid penalties for not complying with stringent regulations.

If you’re leaving a skip on the road, it must be protected by 4 cones – carefully positioned to form a taper on the side traffic approaches. Throughout the night, lights need to be placed in between the safety cones to ensure other road users can see the skip – preventing them from crashing into it and injuring themselves.

Where can’t our skips be placed?

Unfortunately, skips cannot be left on grassy areas as it’s not suitable for our vehicles to drive over. Our loading vehicles are also unable to go over curbs and can only access properties where the curb is lowered/flat.

Skips left on pavements cause a hindrance for pedestrians and restrict them from passing easily which is why we only place our domestic skips on private property or the highway.

For more information about our skip hire Wigan services, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01772 827 603 or email info@skipspreston.com. We will be more than happy to guide and advise you, ensuring you get the most out of skip hire in Wigan.

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