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Why is skip hire the best solution for garden waste?

Why is skip hire the best solution for garden waste?

Planning a garden renovation project? You’re going to need to think about how you’ll get rid of waste. The council provides all homes with a bin for garden waste, but collections are often not enough to cope with the waste from medium-large sized projects – making our skip hire services an excellent choice.

Although we are based in Preston, we don’t only offer skip hire for those local to us. Skips Preston offer a reliable disposal solution for clients all over the northwest, so if skip hire Bolton is what you’re after, relax, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at what makes skip hire the best solution for garden waste:

  • Limited collections on household garden waste

Green bins come in extremely useful for grass cuttings, weeds, and twigs – allowing you to dispose of garden waste as soon as it’s generated. However, there are rules and regulations you need to be mindful of when filling your green bin as the bin men can refuse to empty it until you remove contaminants. Once you’ve removed them, you’ll then need to wait a fortnight until the bin truck comes around again.

  • Restrictions to burning garden waste

In principle, you can burn garden waste, but there are various factors to take into account before you do.

Planning a one-off garden bonfire doesn’t usually cause too many problems but make sure you let your neighbours know in plenty of time so they can bring in their washing before it ends up smelling of smoke. Burning garden waste every time could cause a nuisance and may result in neighbours reporting you to the local council.

  • The inconvenience of managing compost heaps

Although compost bins are a great way to get rid of garden waste and food scraps, they aren’t the easiest things to manage. To keep a compost heap healthy, you need to make sure that non-compostable waste is kept out.

The convenience of skip hire

All our skips are incredibly spacious and accommodate most waste materials – including large, cumbersome items, such as tree branches and garden water features.

Our domestic skips are available in an assortment of sizes, ranging from 2-cubic yards, right the way up to 16-cubic yards. If you’re unsure which you need for skip hire Bolton, here’s a guide to help:

  • 2-yard mini: 20-30 bin bags, 4 wheelie bins, 1 sofa
  • 4-yard midi: 30-40 bin bags, 8 wheelie bins, 2 sofas
  • 8-yard maxi (drop door): 60-80 bin bags, 16 wheelie bins, 4 sofas
  • 12-yard open (light materials): 100-120 bin bags, 24 wheelie bins, 6 sofas
  • 16-yard open (light materials): 140-160 bin bags, 48 wheelie bins, 8 sofas

Skip hire Bolton enables you to dispose of garden waste quickly and easily – saving you the hassle of taking it to the local tip or waiting for council wheelie bin collections. It also reduces the need to maintain compost heaps and prevents smoke and other environmental impacts of burning waste.

For more information about what makes our skip hire Bolton services the perfect solution for garden waste, call 01772 827 603. You can also email info@skipspreston.com and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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