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Hiring a skip Vs trip to the tip

Hiring a skip Vs trip to the tip

Driving a small amount of waste to the tip is perfectly fine but how do you get rid of large, bulky items quickly?

Skips Preston specialise in skip hire Preston and the surrounding area and can help you to remove waste from your property as soon as possible. Our skip hire services often outweigh the benefits of making trips to the local tip, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Here we outline the pros and cons of tipping and hiring a skip:

  • Home improvement projects

There are strict rules for where waste can be disposed of at the local tip – reducing the amount that’s wrongly dumped as ‘household waste’.

Making a trip to the tip is the better option if you only have a couple of bin bags to throw out and will free up space and declutter your home, but skip hire in Preston offers a more convenient, less tedious alternative.

At Skips Preston, we supply a wide range of domestic skips, starting from 2-cubic yards, ranging right the way up to 8-cubic yards – making it easier for you to find the right one.

  • Garden improvement projects

You can take garden waste to the tip but transporting it there tends to be the main issue as bags of muddy twigs, slimy leaves and grass cuttings will make a mess in your car.

To enable you to get rid of messy materials straight away, we deliver the skip to your home and will collect it from you without any inconvenience – making skip hire in Preston the better option of the two.

  • Office renovations

Updating the office or moving to a new office will generate a large amount of waste – usually too much to fit in the boot of your car and to get rid of in one go.

If you’re planning to install new office furniture, you’ll want to remove broken tables and chairs first and you can take these to the local tip. However, if you have a lot to throw out, hiring a skip will make it easier for you.

Skip hire in Preston will save you the hassle of transporting waste yourself and allows you to continue working on your project without disruptions.

For more information about the skips we provide for residents in Preston, call us on 01772 827 603 and our team will be more than willing to share their expertise.

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