Skip Hire Higher Walton

Skip Hire Higher Walton

We have a selection of Higher Walton skips to choose from at Skips Preston, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable! We cater for the demands of domestic, commercial and even industrial needs, providing you with a practical solution for disposing of your waste efficiently.

At Skips Preston, we arrange skip delivery to suit your specific requirements, making it a whole lot more convenient for you. All you need to do is choose one of our Higher Walton skips that can accommodate the volume of waste that you expect your project to generate and inform us of where you want to store the skip.

If you plan to leave your skip on the road, a permit will need to be obtained from the local council, stating your liability for the skip and the contents held within it throughout the duration of your Higher Walton skip hire.

The cost of hiring a skip is suitable for a wide range of budget requirements, if you need a permit for your skip hire in Higher Walton, we can add this to the overall cost of your skip hire.

The fleets we use for Higher Walton skip hire- to deliver and collect your skip- are reliable, they are all equipped with the latest technology, making it easier for you to track the location of your skip. You can also make sure that your skip is delivered on time, courtesy of our up to date vehicle loaders!

When it comes to collecting your skip, we can arrange this to suit you. As soon as your skip is full, we can collect it from your premises, ensuring that you only pay for the time it takes to fill it. When we collect your Higher Walton skips, we take your waste to be disposed of at the recycling centre, where 80% of all waste that you’ve thrown into your skip, will be recycled.

If you want to replace your full skip with an empty one, this is no problem for our team of experts, we will be more than willing to exchange your skip, allowing you to continue with your project with minimal disruptions!

So, if you’re looking for Higher Walton skip hire, you can bet you’ll find a cost-efficient solution, here at Skips Preston- call us on 01772 827 603 today!

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What damage will the skip cause?

Whether delivering or collecting, our Higher Walton skip hire team will do everything we can to prevent damage to your property.

We always insist that the location you have earmarked must be large enough for the skip of your choice. It should also be easy to access too, so that nothing will be knocked or clipped as we drop off your container.

If you wish for your skip to be placed on grass for an extended period of time, you might find that – as the skip will have prevented sunlight from reaching the blades – the patch where it sat has become discoloured or has died.

Much of the time, grass will grow back – but it’s important to consider this eventuality just in case.

Damage may also be caused if a skip is placed on softer tarmac or certain types of paving – particularly if the container is heavy or makes use of stabilising arms.

We always ask that our customers do not overload their skip, as doing so will make it very difficult for our team to remove it and may result in damage to our vehicles or your property. Furthermore, it may cause unsecured items to fall out of your container and cause accidents.

If you’re worried about a skip causing damage to your property, or if you’re unsure about the suitability of a particular location, please contact our specialists providing skip hire in Higher Walton on 01772827603 or email, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Can I choose my skip delivery date and time?

You are absolutely able to request a specific date and time for your skip delivery. We know that your project is likely on a tight schedule, so we like to be able to fit into proceedings wherever suits you best.

To call on our skip hire services in Higher Walton, you can either call us on 01772827603, email or use our specialist online booking system in order to choose your ideal skip and designate a precise date and time.

It’s important to note that we prefer 1-2 days’ notice for skip delivery. We are usually capable of a very quick turnover, but there are also busy periods.

Available time slots on the system are between 8am and 12pm or between 1pm and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you require delivery outside of these times, feel free to contact our team and we’ll work to meet your needs.

You can even specify the type of container you require. Select from 2, 4 or 8 yard skips – or call us if you need a model that is larger.

If it’s possible for you to be present at the time your skip is due to be delivered, we would appreciate it – this makes it easier for us to ask questions or deal with any last minute access problems or issues. However, it’s not compulsory – we can deliver without the customer on site.

Unless otherwise requested, your skip will be collected three weeks after it was delivered. You can, of course, call us at any time to arrange a pick-up. Hire is at a fixed rate, so you’ll pay the same whether or not you use the full period.

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We offer Free Delivery, Friendly Advice, and Low Prices. Get your Free Skip Hire Quote Today! Fill Out The Below Form!

Free No Obligation Quote!

Get your Free No Obligation Quote from us today at Skips Preston.

We offer Free Delivery, Friendly Advice, and Low Prices. Get your Free Skip Hire Quote Today! Fill Out The Below Form!