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Skips for Domestic Clear-outs

Deciding which size skip you need for your renovation project is seemingly daunting at first but it’s made easy when you know what to look out for! Before deciding which skip you need for your clear out, take into consideration how much waste your project will generate.

Another factor to consider is how much you can afford to spend. Needless to say, renovating your property to make space for new installations will work out expensive enough, so choosing the right sized skip is imperative!

Here at Skips Preston, we don’t only supply skips for skip hire in Preston, we also provide skips to suit the requirements of customers that are looking for skip hire Chorley. Our skips are guaranteed to store waste from your home, garden or garage renovation, allowing you to dispose of waste reliably.

Waste Disposal.

Skip hire Chorley is just one of the services that we provide for customers who are undertaking work on their domestic property. Our skips have the ability to deal with waste from projects of all shapes and sizes, making it inevitable for you to find an appropriate solution for your domestic waste.

If you’re looking for skip hire Bolton, you can rest assured that our services provide a cost-effective method for waste disposal, potentially allowing you to complete your project sooner.

We provide skip hire Bolton to deliver a sense of convenience, eliminating the need to make countless trips to the landfill site with waste squeezed into the boot of your car. Making these trips back and forth to the tip can be monotonous and laborious, not forgetting the fact that they work out expensive!

Choosing a Skip.

If you’re looking for skip hire in Wigan, you’re in capable hands with the team of experts here at Skips Preston. If you require any assistance choosing a skip, feel free to contact us.

You’ll notice that we supply a complete range of skips; including the 4-yard mini skips which are the smallest skips that we have available. These skips are ideal for 1 room renovations or improvement projects, ensuring that you have enough room to store waste.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, why not consider a 6-8-yard maxi skip? We recommend these skips for any garden projects because they provide you with more space to dispose of large, bulky materials, soils and sediments. Unlike other domestic skips that we have available for skip hire Wigan, the maxi skips incorporate a drop door which makes it easier for you to load with waste but also minimise the mess.

Even bigger than this; our open skips are supplied up to 16-yards and are suitable for large volumes of lightweight materials. The open skips are guaranteed to fit the waste that your project generates, ensuring that it’s stored in an organised fashion.

On a side note; we suggest that you avoid underestimating the size of your project and although this is easier said than it is done, try to order a skip that’s slightly bigger than you need.

What can you put in a Domestic Skip?

Home renovations generate all kinds of waste. Whether it be bricks, rubble or food packaging, our domestic skip hire services are tailored to suit even the most diverse demands. Understanding what can and what cannot be stored inside your skip will allow you to get more out of your skip hire Leyland and enable you to store waste safely.

Other materials that can be stored in our skips for skip hire Leyland include old furniture that is no longer wanted or needed, cookers that are broken or replaced, soil and wood from your garden renovation project and metal and plastic packaging from your new installations.

Loading a Domestic Skip.

At Skips Preston, we can help you to store your waste in a meticulous style, enabling you to fit more inside without exceeding the sides of the container. Starting with any lightweight materials at the bottom, try to organise your waste inside the skip. Lighter items on the bottom will allow you to utilise space effectively and most importantly prevent you from overfilling it because these can be compressed by denser items.

Skips that are overloaded can cause all kinds of problems, you’ll end up paying for the excess material to be collected or worst case scenario, you’ll need to have a new skip delivered to store the materials that couldn’t fit in the first one.

The reason why our fleet drivers refuse to transport overloaded skips is primarily to do with safety. Any skip that is stacked with waste will make it incredibly difficult for our up to date fleets to lift, not only compromising the safety of the driver but your safety too.

Skip Hire Costs.

The cost of your skip hire Preston is dependent on your location. Here at Skips Preston, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with a transparent service that incorporates no hidden fees. To find out exactly how much skip hire costs for your home renovation project (considering the location, duration of your project and the size of the skip), request a quote today!

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